Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Fun!!

We invited two of Caitlin's best friends over on Thursday and decided to take them out on the boat at the last minute. We weren't sure the weather would cooperate, but the sun started shining about noon so off we went!

Caitlin, Sarah, and Madelyn
They have all been friends since they were just tiny babies.

My funny boy had to make sure his picture was taken too. He had as much fun as the girls playing in the water.

Daddy did a little fishing, but since there were 3 screamers with us it was hard to find anything else in the water!

Harrison made a few jumps off the boat.

And so did the girls!

Madelyn said they were enjoying their "Spa Day" here.

Look at that cutie!

The girls tried to ride on the tube (Doesn't Caitlin look so excited?!?). Unfortunately it didn't work so well on this trip. The red cover has gotten a hole in it, so as the boat was pulling it along water started rushing into the bottom of the tube. The girls got facefuls of water, and then the water pushed the tube out!

We still had fun playing on the tube though. And we had a great time with friends!

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