Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rollercoaster of a Week!

My week started out like any other week...
Monday: Waking up early, getting out the door on time, teaching 1st grade all day, then home to eat with my family.
Then, I changed clothes to run my usual 3 miles. I had the absolute worst pain in my stomach while running!! I thought it was just a stitch, so I walked for a little bit and went on with my run. Well the place at the top right of my stomach kept hurting ALL night long!!
Tuesday: When I ate breakfast, lunch, and supper, it felt like someone was stabbing me right under my rib cage. It got so bad it took my breath away (just like contractions!!).
Wednesday: the same exact thing!! It finally got so bad after supper that Randy loaded all of us up in the car and took the kids to my parents' and me to the Emergency Room. After a four-hour-stay, they determined it was my gallbladder and gave me the option of either being admitted to have it out in the morning or seeing a surgeon the next day and scheduling surgery at my convenience. I chose the 2nd option for 2 reasons: First Grade Field Trip on Friday and Halloween on Sunday.
Thursday: I met with the surgeon, and he wholeheartedly agreed that my gallbladder needed to come out. He wanted me to have a HIDA Scan just to make sure, so I went to Crestwood at 5:30 with my friend, Shannon, to have that done. Randy stayed home to keep some normalcy with our kids' routines.
Friday: I got ready as usual and left on the buses for our Pumpkin Patch Field Trip. I got a call at 8:30 from the nurse saying that my gallbladder surgery was being scheduled for Monday morning!
So here I am really needing to rest because my side is still hurting, but trying to clean this house since I will be stuck here for the week. Thank goodness I have a wonderful family who is helping me out!
Please say a prayer for me because I despise needles, and I am a big weenie when it comes to pain!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rivalry at Such a Young Age! if you know me or my family either personally or through my blog, you know that we are BIG...!
Well apparently that fan status has rubbed off on our youngest family member, Harrison.

I work with one of the sweetest ladies who is a HUGE...

... fan (not that there is anything wrong with that!) And Harrison knows that fact due to her collection of orange and white t-shirts. On Friday, he saw Mary in the hallway at school and told her, "Roll Tide! There's gonna be a beatdown in K-Town!"
Luckily she laughed and laughed, picked him up, and sang Rocky Top to him!
Well, on Saturday night after the ball game had ended (and we were the winners!), Harrison asked if we could call Mrs. Mary. Randy was all for rubbing the win in, so I dialed her number and Harrison proceeded to sing Rocky Flop!
Thank goodness she is such a sweet friend and only laughed!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Grease is the Word!

Today was the 50th Day of School, and we celebrated in our usual way: dressing up in 50's attire, listening to 50's music all day, and doing all sorts of 50 activities.
Before we left the house this morning, I had to have my picture made with my favorite 50's guy...

I also had to model my new jacket...

It was a steal for $2.00 at a Consignment Sale!

Harrison begged to have his picture made with one of his favorite First Grade Teachers, Ms. Adams, especially since they matched.

We also got his picture with my friend, Teisha's little girl, Saige. Don't they look cute together?!? Maybe an arranged marriage is in their future:)
And, of course, the teachers had to have a little fun too...

The most wonderful First Grade Teachers in Madison County!!!
Then after school, more of us had to have our picture made...

...along with a few little ones!
I'm so thankful I work with such fun people because it makes going to work that much more enjoyable!

Happy Birthday Ma-Ma!

Last week we celebrated my Mom's (aka Ma-Ma) birthday at Greenbrier Restaurant. It is one of our all-time favorite places to eat if only we wouldn't fill up on the hushpuppies before our main meal arrived!

All the grandkids surrounding Ma-Ma and her cake. You can't tell they just stuffed themselves with hushpuppies and barbecue, can you?!?

Ma-Ma opening her presents. Her best friend, Betty, is sitting next to her. She got to come with her husband, Ron, and one of her daughters, Lisa.

America's Next Top Models, maybe?!?

We also had time for a visit from Luigi!

The whole family together
It's so nice that we live close enough to get to celebrate all our birthdays together!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 2010

On Saturday, October 16 I participated in something that I have been eagerly awaiting since late July--the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run! It is a 5K run/walk that raises money for breast cancer research and imaging machines for our own Huntsville Hospital. This cause is very dear to my heart since my Granny died from breast cancer, my mom had a lumpectomy, and 2 of my aunts had mastectomies due to breast cancer. I also decided in July that I was going to run the entire race instead of just walking it like I have in the past. My friend, Shannon, and I started training in late July following the Couch to 5K Plan. Let me tell you...the first couple weeks we actually thought we weren't going to make it through the entire plan! But we pushed each other HARD, and we achieved our goal! I ran it in 34 minutes 09 seconds which was under what I thought I would run it.

And we're off!!! It was a sea of pink which was so touching. I got choked up as I started off just seeing all these women racing for a cure.

My sweet supporters

I was almost done here-can you believe the smile on my face?!? I was so happy to see the Finish line!

After munching on grapes and a banana plus downing some Powerade, I was ready to smile for the camera with my babies.

WE DID IT!!!!!!

Some of my other friends who walked or raced also. From Left to Right is TJ, Dechelle, Tasha, Jo, Nakita, Amy, Me, and Shannon.
Tasha just passed her 5 year Survivor Mark from breast cancer, and TJ is her daughter.

My wonderful family who has supported me through all the training and especially on Race Day! I am so blessed to have them! I only hope that my small contribution will prevent me and my daughter from having to suffer from this awful disease.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Harrison's Tate Farms Field Trip

Last week I had the privilege of going with Harrison on his first Kindergarten Field Trip. We got to go to Tate Farms Pumpkin Patch! Harrison was excited because he has been every year of his little life, but this time he was getting to go with his friends!
First we hopped on the hayride...

out to the Pumpkin Patch...

and found a perfect pumpkin! I asked him if he didn't want a bigger pumpkin, and he said, "No, I want this perfect pumpkin because I can carry it." Can't argue with that!
After the hayride, we stopped off in the cotton field to pick a little cotton.

Harrison didn't like the "sticky" parts of the plant. I am guessing he meant the thorns.
Then it was playtime!

Harrison and his buddy, Russell
We had to make time for a sweet picture of him and his Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Terrell.

He loves her so much for which I thank God each and every day!

There was also a little corn time.
On to pet the animals....

Harrison and his friend, Makayla, loved the bunnies.

And the puppies were so sweet and soft.
After all that, we got to sit down and enjoy a picnic lunch with all our friends.

Harrison and his friend, Kyla, decided to try balancing sticks on their heads after eating.
We had such a great day together! I am very thankful that Harrison wants me to come with him on his excursions. I know that day is coming where he won't want Mom around, so I try to treasure these days.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A "Beary" Scary Story

Last week at this time, we were enjoying this view...

from this sweet little cabin in Gatlinburg...

We went for our annual Fall Break Trip to Gatlinburg with our good friends, the Mayers. It was a wonderful trip! I only wish it had been a little cooler, but that goes right along with the weather we have been having. Even though we did lots of relaxing, we also took in a few sights.
Me and my two precious sweeties enjoying our time off from school.

Randy and Caitlin played a game of checkers on the streets of Gatlinburg. Guess who won?!?

We also went go-kart racing. Harrison had never been before, so he was a little scared at first. But after a few laps, he was yelling along with the rest of us to "Go Faster!"

Caitlin was a pro and enjoyed every minute of the 3-story track!

Our Family Portrait outside our cabin
This was right before we made our way to Ober Gatlinburg.

Harrison and Randy rode the carousel over and over and over!!

The girls (Delaney, Caitlin, and Annie) showed off their ice-skating skills.

We then made our way to the restaurant where they were celebrating Octoberfest. We feasted on traditional German fare of schnitzel and cabbage and were treated to the sounds of a German band.

The kids participated in a polka conga line while the band played.
On the third day, we walked around downtown Gatlinburg and took very touristy pictures.

Three Sweet Girls minus a scared little boy. This fall display was in front of Ripley's Haunted Adventure where a creepy man was looking down on the street. Harrison was not about to sit underneath that scary man!!
Caitlin also lost a tooth while we were up in the mountains. Thankfully the Tooth Fairy found us and left her some money!

We went to a candy store while up in Gatlinburg and let the kids pick whatever they wanted. Harrison picked out the biggest cotton candy I have ever seen!!

We had to cross this little bridge to get back to our car, so Annie and Harrison wanted their picture made on it.

Now here is where the story gets "Beary Scary"!!!
The second night we were in the mountains, a raccoon snuck into our cabin and walked around for a little bit until the 2 Daddies chased him out with a broom. Well on our last night, Randy and I were awakened by a loud knock on our bedroom door saying, "Randy. Beth. There are bears out here!" I immediately thought they were inside our cabin and FrEaKeD out!! Luckily they were just on our deck.

I immediately grabbed the camera and started snapping pictures. When I realized how awful the flash was making them look, I asked very nicely to open a window to take pictures. But I got yelled at for even thinking of trying to take a better picture!! Imagine that!
This was one of the bear cubs standing on the hot tub. His brother and mother were around the corner doing this...

tearing into our trash box!!! We ended up watching them for a good 30 minutes as they drank out of the hot tub, climbed up and down trees, and fought over different pieces of trash. It was very educational, but a little scary to think that they could probably get into our cabin if they really, really wanted to!
So all in all, we had a great time in Gatlinburg and can't wait to go back next year!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Know What?!?

Know what is the most awful smell in the whole, entire universe???? Mac 'n cheese vomit

We definitely know this in our household because a sweet, little boy vomited this late last night over and over!!

Talk about NO sleep!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Got Your Running Shoes?

Yesterday was the Comet Chase Fun Run at mine and Harrison's school. It's just like the Boosterthon Fun Run but ALL the money stays at our school instead of part of it going to pay the guys who organize the Fun Run. Luckily it was a beautiful Fall day with temps only in the high 70's!

And guess who was the DJ?!?

Yes, that's right...Randy was the DJ for the entire festivities all day long! Harrison was thrilled to have his Daddy there as the guest celebrity!

Harrison ran 31 laps out of a possible 35!

Here he is stopping for a water break with DJ Daddy.

I also got to cheer on my little runner!
After Harrison's Kindergarten classes ran, my First Grade class got to participate in the Comet Chase Fun Run.

We were all pumped up to run as many laps as possible and dance to the fun music that DJ Randy had on for us!

Afterwards, it was apparently cool to turn your shirt backwards!
It was a fun, fun day!!