Friday, June 17, 2011

Caitlin's Birthday Celebration

Caitlin celebrated her 11th birthday on Wednesday, June 15 ALL. DAY. LONG! It was a fun day, though, that I am so grateful I get to share with her.

We started the morning off with a birthday doughnut from Donut Palace. That is her favorite place to get doughnuts, so off Daddy went bright and early to get her requests.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to her and watched her blow out her doughnut candle.

Then it was on to the presents!

Have I mentioned that the Reading Bug has bitten Caitlin? Well she has been asking for the book, Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo, for a few weeks now, so I grabbed it up in our church's bookstore for her. She has already read about half of it and loves the story. I can't wait to read it when she's done!

She loved her present from her little brother--a cupcake charm for her Brighton bracelet.

Her Daddy and I also added some charms to her collection as well--a dangly "C" and 2 daisy spacers. Just what she wanted!!

Our annual picture of us with the Birthday Girl

(Too bad our photographer was on a sugar-high from his doughnut and couldn't keep the camera still!)

That night we met up with my family for her birthday dinner at Bonefish Grill (my girl has some good taste in food!). Even though we were stuffed from so much delicious seafood, the waitress still presented her with...

a birthday ice cream brownie! It was so big that all the kids got to sample it.

Everyone who was there except Scott (he had already left for work at FedEx) and me (I was taking the picture).
Front Row: Daniel, Stephanie, Caitlin, Harrison
Back Row: Pa-Pa, Dana, Ma-Ma, Randy

And, of course, we had to walk down to...

Yogurt Twist to get a little frozen yogurt. Thank goodness this place is way on the other side of town! Otherwise we would be paying them lots of visits this summer.

So, as you can see, we had a fun but busy birthday with Caitlin!

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