Monday, June 28, 2010

Party Day!!!

Finally...Harrison's birthday party day got here! He wanted his party at The Little Gym, but we couldn't get in until a week and a half after his birthday. He was fine with first. But each day that went by after his birthday brought the dreaded question: Is today my party day? It was so nice to wake him up on Sunday saying, "Today is your birthday party day!!!"

The birthday boy in his new Phineas and Ferb t-shirt with his loving sister.
Right when we got to The Little Gym, the workers took the kids back and started playing with them. First was the Magic Carpet.

Alex, Casey, Harrison, and Carter loved jumping on it!

The balance beam was next.

I love this sweet picture of my children! They got to lay on the Magic Carpet as it deflated.
Then they brought out the parachute.

Harrison got wrapped up in it by all his friends.
Then it was time to celebrate and sing to the birthday boy.

Each child got to give Harrison a high five and wish him "Happy Birthday." Carter is watching Trey go first.

I guess Harrison didn't like their singing because he's got his fingers in his ears!!!
Harrison then picked his favorite game...

"Smack the Cheese"

Love this cutie pie in the parachute!
After all the playing, it was finally time for cake and ice cream.

Proud parents of a five-year-old!

Making a wish on his number 5 candle on top of his Phineas and Ferb cake. Casey was eyeing the cake!
Some of the guests...

Sierra, Maddox, and Trey

Wonder what Trey is thinking?!? Carter waits patiently for cake.

Alex and Jack

All of the birthday party guests at the table.
Then it was present time!

Jack was excited for Harrison to open his present.

It was a great party, but we couldn't let it end there. Alex and Taylor came home with us to play, and then we all went to Mellow Mushroom for supper.

Cuties with their tattoos.

Look at those strong boys!!!
It was a fun, but tiring day that I am thankful finally arrived!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

In The Heat of the Day

"How are you surviving this heat?" was a question posed by a blog friend of mine.
We are....

It's the only way we have found to stay out of TV or video game land in this intense heat. Thankfully I have 2 little fish who absolutely love the water!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ahoy, Matey!

This week is Vacation Bible School at our church. The theme for the Preschool and Elementary grades is "High Seas" while the 5th-8th grades are doing "The Voyage." Since this is Caitlin's first year to participate in the upper grades activities, she asked and I happily agreed to lead her Small Group Study. Harrison is still in the Preschool department which makes me extremely happy because it means he hasn't moved up (YAY for keeping him little for as long as possible!!)

We all have t-shirts to wear this week, so Daddy snapped this picture of us before leaving on Monday morning.
The orange reminds me of high school. We were the Tigers, and our colors were orange and brown. Funny how certain things take you back!

Father's Day Celebration

Randy started his Father's Day off by being served breakfast in bed by his loving wife:)
*It was requested that no pictures from that event be posted on the Internet.*
We then got ready and went to church where Caitlin served as an acolyte.

My sweet children who are loved by the most wonderful Daddy!
After church we went to Randy's parents house to share the celebration with Randy's Dad (a.k.a. Grandaddy).

He loved his cards and presents!
We rested at home for awhile, then met my parents at Wings to celebrate with my Daddy (a.k.a. Pa-Pa).

I don't know if he loved his presents more or...

acting silly with the grandkids! Harrison is absent from this picture because he had just fallen on the rocks and hurt himself:(

My sister, Dana, and I with our sweet, sweet Daddy who loves us unconditionally and was (and still is) THE greatest role model!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Let's Go Vipers!

On Saturday night, we went to the Civic Center Arena to see...

the Alabama Vipers play some football!!

They defeated the Dallas Vigilantes in a great game!
When we got there, we ran into...

Sarah and her family. What a surprise!

Eric and Linda who are have been in our Sunday School class since the girls were just babies.

Me and my sweetie at his early Father's Day excursion.
We had a lot of fun cheering on the Vipers, eating stadium food, and...

running on the field chasing down all the little footballs people threw from the stands to try to win prizes. That's Caitlin under the arrow.

There's Harrison under that arrow looking for more footballs.

A good night with good friends! Harrison, Caitlin, Sarah, and Hannah (She was there with her family and sat on our same row also.)

We couldn't leave the Arena without meeting Vinnie the Viper.
What a fun night we had to start our Father's Day celebration!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the BeSt hubby and daddy that we could ever ask for!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos!

For their joint birthday dinner with cousins on Thursday, Caitlin and Harrison picked one of their local favorites:

See how excited they are to eat here?!? Or maybe it's because they know they're about to get some more presents.

A Justice gift card for my girl

and a Toy Story art set for my boy. Perfect gifts for these two!
We then ate some delicious Mexican cuisine, and...

the waiters brought out yummy desserts for both of the birthday children accompanied by...

singing "Feliz Cumpleanos" and a serving of whipped cream on the face! THIS is why they wanted to come eat here!!
We then walked across the street to get...

ice cream at Kaleidoscoops (another favorite of my kids!).

Must be good!

Pa-Pa and his grandchildren
We have had a BIG week of birthday celebrations!! And we still have Harrison's big party to look forward to next weekend!

Celebrating with Harrison

On Wednesday morning, Randy and I were awakened by a sweet, little voice telling us that it was his birthday today and we needed to get up!
Harrison did just like his sister and picked doughnuts to eat for his birthday breakfast.

Blowing out the candle on his birthday doughnut

Then it was on to presents. He couldn't wait!

Daddy got him this New England Patriots jersey to match his own. Pretty cool they have a player named Harrison!

The best gift of all!!

He had to try it out right then and there!
After playing with his new toys and riding his bike down the street, it was time to get ready to meet Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa for our annual birthday ice cream.

Harrison and Ma-Ma waiting patiently for their ice cream.

Caitlin enjoyed her 10th ice cream!

Caitlin and Harrison with Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa at "their" Dairy Queen.
Harrison then picked swimming for his birthday activity, so off we went to the pool. No pictures, however, because in all our rush to get out the door I left the camera on the kitchen counter! And he even went off the diving board for the very first time!! Oh well, I'll just have to document that milestone next time we are at the pool.