Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Baby Girl is Turning 11!

Happy Birthday Caitlin!
You are such a sweet and caring girl who has such compassion in your heart for everyone. Your Daddy and I are so incredibly proud of you and of who you are becoming. Enjoy this year--your last elementary school year--and all it has to offer. I just can't believe you have grown into such a beautiful young lady and that it is your 11th birthday! All I can think of is how much you enjoyed your 1st birthday...

Look how cute you were!

And look how simple your toys were--Winnie the Pooh blocks, puzzles, stuffed animals, dolls, and a few clothes thrown into the mix--and you were set. Now we're buying mostly clothes, charms for your Brighton bracelet, iTunes gift cards, books, and just plain ole money. But I sure wouldn't change a thing! I have absolutely loved sharing this growing-up journey with you, and I am super excited to watch you finish maturing into the lovely Christian lady I know you will be!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!



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