Sunday, June 5, 2011

One of My Favorite Places on Earth

We got back Saturday night from one of the greatest places on Earth--the beach! We left last Friday afternoon just as soon as I signed out at school and could hurry home. Randy already had the car packed (thank goodness!), so we hopped in and drove off into the sunset. Well, just to Montgomery. Then on Saturday morning we headed to the beach...

with these two lovely ladies (Shannon and Laura) and their families. We quickly changed into swimsuits and literally ran onto the sand! We've been looking forward to this vacation since the cold, cold snow fell in January, so we were more than ready for those blue skies, sugar-white sand, and cold, salty water.

Randy waded out to stick his fishing pole in the sea and look what he caught! We got so spoiled by getting to eat fresh Gulf seafood!

Me and my sweetie as he took a break from all that fishing

We always have so much fun with our friends, and this trip was no different. We declared the 2nd night there to be "Redneck Night."

Thus the cowboy hats, tank tops, and jean shorts were broken out! Plus we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and listened to country music all night. Fun times!

I absolutely loved spending time with my beautiful baby girl and

my handsome baby boy.

We had to take a trip to the "Shark Store" and take the kids' annual picture in front of the shark.
Luckily for us, we had noticed this the day we arrived:

a sea turtle nest, because our 4th day down there one of the fisherman caught this:

an endangered Kemps-Ridley sea turtle.

None of the fisherman could get the hook out without endangering their fingers in that powerful snout, so we called the Sea Turtle Rescue Organization. They told us to cover the turtle with a towel to keep it cool until they could get out there. It took about 20 minutes for a Sea Turtle expert to arrive, and I got to hold the sea turtle the entire time we were waiting! It was so cool!! "Mr. Sea Turtle" scanned him for a tag, told us what kind he was and how old, then took him off to the Gulfarium to get that hook removed. It was very exciting and educational to boot!

The next day, Harrison and I decided to dig a hole and bury treasure in it for the girls to find.
That night we went out to eat at Gulf Shores Steamer restaurant--one of our favorites down there!

I love these people!

And I'm pretty fond of this family as well!
The next day we were visited by this guy:

a heron. We all thought he was pretty cool, especially...

Harrison who chased him every time he would get out of the water. It was really funny to watch!

But there was more playing in the water than anything else.

As for Shannon and me...we just hung out like the beach bums we wish we were!

My sweet family had the greatest time at the beach, and

we left our mark until we return next year!

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