Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boogie Shoes

We had Caitlin's 11th Birthday Party on Friday night here at home. (I can't believe I just typed the number 11!) She asked several months ago if she could have a Disco Dance Party, and since that is right up her Daddy's alley, we of course said yes. We spent most of the week hanging disco balls, streamers, and speakers. Her Daddy made this great playlist of "groovy" 70's dance songs along with popular songs that the girls would know and could dance to.

The fabulous birthday girl herself!

This is what my upstairs bonus room looked like.

And these were the dancing girls. I think they had a good time because they were tired when their parents picked them up!

After working up an appetite with all that dancing, the girls came downstairs to munch on some snacks and eat birthday cake.

We found the design online, and Caitlin fell in love with it! Thankfully, after she and I made the cake and covered it with fondant, we had it decorated by...

Daddy! He spent a lot of time getting it to look "just right."

Then it was present time!

She got lots of girly presents like nail polish and...

gift cards! That way she gets to go shopping!!

Her sweet friends who came to the party: Madelyn, Taylor, Stephanie, Caitlin, Shanna, Rebekah, Marcha, Kayla, Sarah, and Kailee.

And they had to do a "silly" picture too!

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Heather said...

That looked like a fun party! Tell Randy that I am very impressed with his cake painting!!!