Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime Fun

Our first week of summer was spent at the beach living the relaxing life.
Our second week of summer was spent running birthday and Father's Day errands.
Finally, this week we have gotten to slow down at home and enjoy each other's company and have a little fun.

On Monday, we went over to Pa-Pa's house and helped him wash his car with his Father's Day gift.
I think Harrison washed himself more than the car!

On Tuesday, we went over to my friend, Mary's house to swim.
She is such a great friend because she lets us come swim even when she is not there! So we had the pool all to ourselves. 

And we had a great time! 

Even Daddy had fun just chillin' 

Harrison was looking for the dive sticks that he had just thrown into the water. 

And Caitlin was just having fun being a twelve-year-old!
After all that swimming fun, we headed home and rested for awhile because that night Randy and I had a date!
We enjoyed Bang Bang Shrimp at one of our favorite restaurants, Bonefish Grill.
No matter how many times I eat that dish, it doesn't get old!
Then it was off to a movie. 

We went to see "Rock of Ages."
Ever since I saw the first preview months ago, I told Randy that I wanted him to take me to see it.
It was a musical (which I love!) and had so many great 80's songs in it.
Randy has since downloaded most of the songs from the movie onto his iPhone, and we sang along to them last night as I cooked supper.
So we haven't really done much of anything but have fun together as a family which is my very favorite summertime activity!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

We started out our Father's Day by cooking a yummy breakfast of biscuits, bacon, and eggs. Daddy got the star treatment that he deserves by being served breakfast in bed.
As soon as he was finished eating, it was time for presents!

Daddy and his two sweet children who love him more than words can say. He is hands-down the best father I could ever have asked for for my babies! He has suffered through colic, dirty diapers, potty-training, tantrums (and not just the ones that lasted through the terrible twos!), dance recitals, homework battles, and so much more and still can smile about it all. He is so good at disciplining his sweet loves without spanking if he can help it. He's wonderful at being there for both of them in everything they do, and they know that they can ask him for almost anything. I love seeing him with our children and cannot wait to make new memories with all of them!

Love this picture of father and son! 

Definitely NOT a candidate for America's Next Top Model!
We then had a regular Sunday of church, lunch out at one of our favorite Mexican places, and a short shopping trip to Kroger. We invited our Dads over for Father's Day Supper and needed a few more things to add to our grill-out.

We gave Pa-Pa a bucket filled with car wash supplies. He has a new car, so we thought this would be good for all those baths he has been giving that new car!

Grandaddy with his favorite people

We had a good day celebrating the special fathers in our life.
We are extremely lucky to have both our fathers live so close to us, and we treasure every time we get to spend time with them.

Harrison's Celebration Day

Harrison turned 7 at 11:24 a.m. on Saturday, June 16.
He woke up bright and early ready to celebrate!

Isn't he a handsome seven-year-old?!?
Sitting next to him on the table is Caitlin's  hand-me-down iPod he got.

He got a HUGE sock monkey from his sweet sister.

 And because he absolutely LOVES to read, his Daddy and I got him some new books and a set of Angry Birds bookmarks.

He and his Daddy went out to breakfast together at Krispy Kreme and brought us girls some afterwards.
We then got ready and headed to meet Harrison's friends at his birthday party:

It's one of Harrison's favorite indoor places to play, so it made perfect sense to have his party here.
Caitlin got to bring a friend along so that she wouldn't be bored with all the seven-year-olds. After this long together, we were feeling like Shanna was a part of the family anyway!

Pa-Pa was one of the first guests to show up.
Notice Harrison is wearing one of his presents: an Angry Bird shirt. It went along with the theme!

Caitlin and Shanna had a lot of fun on the magnetic swing.

Harrison and Luke together 

Rush, Harrison, and Grayson were having fun in the little house. 

Trey and his mom on one of the exhibits.

Caitlin and Shanna had the best time in the Weather Center where they got to broadcast the weather on TV like the real weathermen.

Grayson, Luke, and Harrison  

I got on the Earthquake simulator with the girls--BIG mistake! 

Then Trey, Harrison, and Jason along with Trey's mom, Amber, had to try it out.
They agreed with me that it gives you a big headache! 

Samuel, Kirsten, and their mom, Diana did a great job at the bubbles center.
After all that playing, it was time for cake and presents!

The Angry Birds cake Harrison picked out at Publix. 

Make a wish!

 I had to have my picture made with the birthday boy!

Our second-born on his special day!!
Then it was Present Time!

His favorite:  Legos! 

But he also loved the gift cards.

We then went home to rest for awhile before going out for Harrison's birthday dinner. 

He wanted sushi, so we made our way to Bridge Street (for the 2nd day in a row!) to the little Japanese restaurant there. My family loves their sushi, and it's pretty inexpensive. 

A ride on the carousel ended our perfect birthday evening.

I just am amazed that I have a sweet little boy who is already seven!!
It seems like he should still be a baby in my arms.

Caitlin's Special Day

Caitlin celebrated her 12th birthday on June 15. It amazes me that I have a daughter who is12 years old!! I just don't feel old enough for that!! (I guess she keeps me young.)
We started her celebration the minute she woke up.

Doesn't she still look so sleepy?!?
She couldn't wait to open her presents, though.

I found this cute sign at a little store, and I thought it was perfect for her room because we have said this to each other her whole life.

She also got a brand-new iPod with a cool cover, screen protector, and speakers.
After we ate her favorite breakfast of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns, we got ready and picked up her best friend, Shanna.

Shanna came prepared with presents!

A gift card to Bridge Street!

And that is exactly where us girls headed after lunch!
All Caitlin wanted for her birthday was a day of shopping and a dinner out, Shanna incuded. No party this year! So we were more than happy to comply with those wishes!

After shopping, the girls got changed into some cute dresses.

We had to take pictures with our first-born on her special day.
Then off we went to her restaurant of choice:  Red Lobster.

We had to wait a few minutes for a table, so I got my picture taken with my handsome hubby!
After a delicious meal, the waiter brought out Caitlin's favorite part of the meal:

a special birthday dessert! Several waiters sang "Happy Birthday" to her too.
(I think she was a little embarrassed!)

Here she is with her new iPod.
Then at 9:28 p.m. exactly, we celebrated her official birthday-

with a special homemade carrot cake made by Caitlin herself!
(I felt bad that she had to make her own birthday cake, but she insisted.)

We had such a great day together, and I am so happy that she wanted to spend the majority of it with me!

Family Celebration Dinner

Last week, we knew we were about to have our busiest weekend of the year:2 Birthday Celebrations and Father's Day.
My sister and her family had a prior commitment and weren't going to be able to have fun with us, so we met them at a local restaurant to celebrate early with them.

Caitlin was the first to open a gift. She scored a Hollister gift card. Sweet!

Harrison was lucky enough to get a Lego Creator set!

We ate and laughed together, but before long it was time to go.

But not before taking a picture of all the grandkids with Pa-Pa.
They love him so much, and I am so very thankful that we live so close to him.