Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Last Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, we had our last birthday celebration of 2011 at Jump-To-It here in Madison. It's new, and we've never been there. But as soon as Harrison toured the place a few weeks ago, he just knew he wanted his party there. It's a building filled with 4-5 inflatables and a party room. They also have a Parent Room with recliners, a big screen TV, and computers so the parents can chill out while the kids run around like crazy--and that is exactly what Harrison and his party guests did!

He was saying, "I'm the king of the world!"

Here he and Alex are playing inflatable Skee-ball.

Daddy tried his hand at it too.

Dylan and Bryce got in the boxing ring together. This is so funny to me because these guys are neighbors and friends!

Of course, Caitlin and Taylor had to get a few rounds in also! Randy said he and I needed to get in there to get some tension out (more about that later!).

Harrison and his buddy from school, Casey.

Harrison, Alex, and Evan loved hitting the ball off the tee to see where the ball would hit in the inflatable. This was perfect since Harrison had a lot of his T-ball friends at his party.

Harrison and his oldest friend, Alex

One hot and sweaty boy!!

CJ and Harrison took a time-out at the end of the obstacle course.

After all that playing, it was time to sit down for the rest of the birthday celebration.

First came pizza and drinks.

Most of the party guests--Bryce, Dylan, Evan, Casey, Harrison, CJ, Erin, Calli, and Kylie. Alex, Taylor, and Caitlin didn't make it into the picture.

Then it was cake time!

I can now tell a funny story about this cake, however it wasn't too funny when it happened. When Harrison told me he wanted a Lego Indiana Jones birthday party, I researched cakes online. I found this cute cupcake one and got up early Saturday morning to make it. Well as I was holding it in my lap on the way to the party, we turned out of our subdivision and 7 of the cupcakes fell off the tray right into my lap and the floorboard of the car!! I screamed at Randy (because I thought he turned way too fast!), and we turned around to go back home so I could change shirts and fix the cupcakes. Luckily I made extras! So that is why Randy said we needed to get out some tension in the boxing ring.

Happy Birthday Harrison!

Next it was Present Time!

And he got lots of Legos plus a rubber snake just like in the Indiana Jones game!

Look who came to the party--Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa!
We had a great time at Harrison's party, and I'm so happy his friends got to come play and celebrate Harrison's birthday with him.

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