Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Play Ball!

T-ball season has already started at our house! Harrison has played in 2 games so far. And with the help of Snickers, Diet Coke, and Skittles, he is playing much better than last year! (Running was not his strong suit last year. In fact, "Molasses" was his nickname.)
They had team pictures before their game on Monday night.

2011 T-ball Reds

These 4 boys--Bryce, Harrison, Carter, and Dylan--are all Cornerstone Boys. All of their parents are in our Cornerstone Sunday School class. Kinda neat how they ended up on the same team!

Crossing Home Plate

He ran into the dugout after this and said, "Now that's what I call REAL baseball!!"

After his big power hit

Pure joy and excitement (I love this picture!)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!

"He has risen!" Luke 6:24 NIV
We started our Easter morning hunting for Easter baskets, then off to church we went. Randy and I led the Preschool Worship Hour which led the children from Creation all the way through the Resurrection in the Big God Story. Whew! It was fabulous and so exciting to hear the sweet Preschoolers call out answers to our questions about the Bible. It seems most of them know the real reason we celebrate Easter.

My two Blessings in their Easter finest

We then came home and put the finishing touches on our Easter celebration lunch with all of our family.

The Grandkids--Daniel, Harrison, Stephanie, and Caitlin--with their Easter baskets from Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa.

And look who even made a surprise visit to see all of us! My Daddy drove my Mom over, gave the grandkids their baskets, then left to go home and rest. He's still not feeling the greatest after his treatments, but it's so wonderful to see him start to get back to himself.

While waiting for all the delicious dishes to be finished, my usually, ultra-conservative, CPA sister broke out in song with Caitlin's Paper Jamz guitar. It was hilarious!

We cleaned our plates of all the delicious food so fast that I didn't even get a picture of Randy's beautiful turkey!

We were all so stuffed by this point, but it was egg hunting time!

Daniel and Stephanie zooming around the backyard looking for eggs.

Brady tries to help Caitlin find a few eggs.

Harrison was given a 10 second head-start which the others screamed "UNFAIR!"

Randy and his parents, Grandmother and Grandaddy

Me and my beautiful Mom and sister

We had a great Easter Sunday celebrating Jesus!

Good Friday Business

On Friday, my First Grade class took a field trip to the Strawberry Patch. We had never been before, so we didn't know what to expect. Well, there were LOTS of big, beautiful, ripe strawberries!

They were the reddest strawberries I have ever seen!

Me and my prize student, Alex. He was a little scared of the bugs plus his mom was on a field trip to Montgomery with his sister, so he was my right-hand man for the day.

Walking through the patch looking for just the right strawberries.

My wonderful First Grade class with their buckets of strawberries

Also on Friday, Harrison had his Easter Egg Hunt with his Kindergarten class. Luckily we were just stepping off the bus at school as they started their hunt on the playground so I got to run out there and snap some pictures.

Look what I found, Mommy!

On the hunt for more eggs

With his sweet, sweet teacher, Mrs. Terrell

She had such a great idea for the Easter Egg Hunt. She labeled the eggs with a sticker with a sight word written on it. Each child was given a sight word, and those were the eggs they had to find. Harrison's word was "are", and he had a great time looking for just those eggs.

I even got to have my picture taken with the star egg-hunter!

What a Good Friday!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break Days 5 & 6

Day 5 of our fabulous Spring Break was spent at another water park: Wet 'n Wild. It was so much fun, but very, very tiring. And yet again I didn't take any swimsuit shots!
Day 6 was spent with our best friends, the Aronsons, at SeaWorld.

Opening shot taken by the park staff. Couldn't resist buying this shot of Harrison and Alex holding Baby Shamu.
SeaWorld is one of our favorite parks because of all the water animals, but now they have the Manta roller coaster.

Insane, isn't it?!?

This was Randy and Todd's first ride on it. Randy is on the very left with Todd next to him. The next time I rode it with them. It was crazy, crazy, crazy, and I regretted getting on it the minute the little guy buckled me in! I am proud I rode it even though I was dizzy for about an hour afterwards!
The first show we went to was the sea lion and otter show. We got there a little bit early for it and were entertained by this funny pirate.

This picture was taken right before he kissed Laura!

It was a funny and cute show.

Next we saw the dolphin show.

They were jumping so high and so fast, I could barely get a picture of them.

Next we went to see Shamu. Here's Taylor and Caitlin waiting for the show to start. They were sitting with the Daddies in the "Soak Zone." The Mommies and Alex sat a few rows back so as not to get too wet. Thank goodness we did!

It was really cool to see Shamu doing all his tricks.

Look at the difference in their clothes. Harrison was in the "Soak Zone" while Alex was not!

We then went to the Kids' Area for some rides.

Harrison, Taylor, and Caitlin on the jellyfish ride. Alex was hot and tired by this point and didn't want to ride.
We got some lunch, then went to an indoor pet show to cool off.

Crazy kids waiting for the show to begin

The parents waiting a little bit more patiently for the show.

We had a great day watching all the animals and being with our best friends!

This was our last hurrah because we had to go back to our condo and pack up so we could head home the next morning. We had so much fun and can't wait to go back!

Spring Break Day 4

The next day of Spring Break Orlando was spent exploring the parts of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure that we had not gotten to on Day 2. We went to the Toon Lagoon and saw...

Harrison's favorite crimefighter! He looks so serious. I guess because fighting crime is a serious job.

We decided the family that fights evil together stays together!
From that part of the park we went to...

the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Caitlin has read the first 3 books in the series as well as watched those movies, so she was excited to get to see it in real life.

It was so cool to see snow on all the English buildings especially when it was 85 degrees out!

We walked back to Seuss Landing because that was mine and Harrison's favorite!

And this time we met Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat.

The cat couldn't be outdone!

There were lots of cool rides at Universal Studios.

Harrison and Daddy were waiting as Caitlin and I rode on Twister.
We then walked back through...

because it was so beautiful with all the greenery and flowers.

However, Caitlin encountered a dinosaur!

Then some of us were very, very hot at this point and decided to ride...

at the Toon Lagoon.

Look at all that water! They were soaked when they got off. Glad I didn't ride it because I sure don't like walking around in wet shoes!
And we had to take a turn on the...


It wasn't just regular horses to ride. They were made-up characters from the Dr. Seuss books.
By this point we were tired and hungry. They have a City Walk at Universal which offers a lot of different restaurants to eat at. We chose Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.

After our yummy meal of cheeseburgers in paradise and grilled shrimp, we got to relax in these cool beach chairs!
It was a fun, but tiring day! Only 2 more days left!!