Friday, June 17, 2011

Harrison's Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Harrison's 6th Birthday on Thursday, June 16 doing all the things he wanted to do. When he woke up Thursday morning, he told us he wanted to go see this movie...

Thankfully it was at the Dollar Movie Theatre. Caitlin wasn't too thrilled with that movie choice, so she picked...

for the 2 girls. I don't think I can tell you how much I LoVeD this movie!! It was clean (no cuss words or intimate scenes) and had such an inspirational theme throughout. This is one movie we will definitely buy when it is released!
So then Harrison told us he wanted to go out for breakfast. Because of that, we went ahead and let him open his presents from us before we left the house.

He was so excited to see what was in those packages!

And lo and behold...he got the exact DS video game he has been asking for--Lego Star Wars III!

He also got a wand from Universal Studios from his sister. He wanted one just like her, so this made his day!
We then all got dressed, and guess where we went?!?

Krispy Kreme!! (My kids love doughnuts, can you tell? Or maybe it's that we don't get them that often.) The sweet lady working the counter gave Harrison a hat, balloon, and a free chocolate sprinkled doughnut because it was his birthday. He was beyond excited!

Then we got a visit from Grandmother and Grandaddy who came over to spread some more birthday cheer.

They also brought presents--clothes and $50! He's thinking about what to spend that money on.
We then went to the Dollar Movies and enjoyed our popcorn and Cokes. When we got home, we changed clothes and went to celebrate some more at Bridge Street. While there, I snapped some pictures of my sweet birthday children.

Happy Birthday Harrison! I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did!

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