Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baking Day

One of Caitlin's very favorite things to do is to bake--just like her Mom!
And since today was a stay-at-home rainy day, she asked if she could bake some of these...

How could I say no to such a delicious treat?!?

She even had a little helper put sprinkles on them!

And for once they posed together.
I think I have the most beautiful children!

There She Is...Sacajawea

Friday was Explorer Day in the 5th Grade at Caitlin's school. The students were asked to dress as an explorer, Indian, pirate, or royalty. They also got to bring in trinkets or candy to trade just like the explorers did way back in Explorer times.

Caitlin decided to dress as Sacajawea for the day. We also had to go by the grocery store to pick up some Sour Punch straws for her trading post item.
When I picked her up after school, she declared it to be the "best day ever!"

Monrovia v. Buckhorn

If you've known me for very long or read this blog, then you know that my sweet hubby, Randy, coaches football at Monrovia Middle School. He has always coached 7th Graders, but this year he moved up to the 8th Grade team. I'm so proud of him! However this means that the games don't start until 6:30 (if we're lucky) and don't get over with until too late for us!! Caitlin, Harrison, and I have been to every Home game this year to support our man, but we have not been able to stay past half time which is usually around 7;15 or 7:30 because we have to get home to get baths, brush teeth, and get to bed. And as Randy so nicely put it, I have not taken any pictures of the games this year! (Well, it's really hard to remember to bring your camera in when you're lugging all the other "junk" that goes into a football game!)
Anyway...I remembered the camera when we went to see them play Buckhorn on Thursday night.

There's our Coach Daddy!

Great play, boys!

And Monrovia scores!!!!

But there Coach Daddy is still on the sidelines concentrating on what will happen next! He says that coaches just don't celebrate.
The score was 14-6 when we left at half time, and they ended up losing to Buckhorn 28-20! Oh well...they'll get 'em next time!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ruined Picnic!

I had planned on posting such cute pictures of our Sunday School class picnic from Sunday.

However those plans kind of went a little haywire!

The day started out nice...Harrison and I went to church alone leaving the sick Daddy and semi-sick Caitlin home. We worshipped together in our new sanctuary, then came home to change clothes. Caitlin was feeling better by this time, so all three of us headed out to the Serrano's for the semi-annual Sunday School picnic.

The weather was beautiful--just a tad hot!--and the fellowship was wonderful.

Then came the meal. It started out like any ordinary picnic meal--barbeque, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, chips, and lots and lots of yummy desserts. I decided to be the "good girl" and bypass the fattening desserts and go for the fruit. Little did I know that this fruit salad had peanuts in it! As soon as I bit into one, I knew! I knew that I was about to swell up like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. So I rushed into the house, got my purse and immediately took my Singulair hoping that it would do the trick. After a few minutes, I realized that I needed something more.
So instead of taking great pictures of my kids playing with their friends and me socializing with my friends, I got to hurry home to get to my medicine so I wouldn't have to rush to the hospital!!
Fun Sunday, huh?!?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best Part of My Day

Wanna know the best part of my least every school day?
It puts a huge smile on my face and makes my heart smile!
It makes me realize I absolutely LOVE being a Mom!
Wanna know?!?
It's right after school lets out and I stand in the front hallway of school.
I see my sweet baby boy walking so perfectly in his line with his Batman backpack on his little back.
Then....he sees me!
And he breaks out of line and comes running down the hall full speed right into my arms!!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Doctor's Visit and Game Night

Sorry for the boring title, but it's all I got! We have had one long week, and I am so ready for the weekend!
Harrison and I were up most of the night on Wednesday with his ear hurting. It got so bad that I asked Randy if I should load up and take him to the ER! We didn't because he ended up falling sound asleep around 3:00 and slept soundly till 6:00. (That was a fabulous 3 hour rest I desperately needed!) We got dressed, and I took him to his school nurse just to let her confirm it was an ear infection. As soon as we walked in her office, she took one look at his little red, draining ear and declared that he had a ruptured eardrum. So no wonder he was in such pain the night before!! I took him on to the doctor who confirmed the nurse's diagnosis and gave him mega-antibiotics to help it heal.
As we were leaving the doctor's office, I was smacked in the face with the knowledge that I have officially spoiled my kids. Harrison asked if we could go to Gigi's Cupcakes! Every time that we have been to the doctor lately (which seems to have been a lot!), we have made a side trip to the cupcake store afterwards. Well, after what he had been through with his ear I was not about to say no!

Doesn't that look yummy?!?
His ear still looks awful because it is draining, but he feels so much better! So he got to make our Friday night plans for us.
And this is how we spent our Friday night...
1. dinner at Nothing But Noodles
2. window shopping at Target at the DS games
3. playing games together in our pajamas
While we were at Target, we spied a game that looked like a lot of fun and decided to buy for our Family Game Night. It's called Headbanz and is so much fun!
Here we are playing it at our kitchen table. You wear a plastic headband and place a card in the headband without looking at it.

You have to ask your fellow players yes or no questions to try and figure out what the picture is on your forehead. We laughed and laughed until some of us almost cried! It was a fun way to relieve all the stress of the week.
Thank you, Harrison, for planning a fun family night together!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Roll Tide Roll

Randy and I headed out on Saturday morning (by ourselves!)...

to the land of crimson and white!
Yes, we went to Tuscaloosa to see Alabama play in its opener vs. San Jose State. The grandparents were so wonderful to us and watched Caitlin and Harrison so that we got an entire "day date"!
We, of course, went sightseeing around Tuscaloosa before the game started. We saw Bear Bryant...

... Gene Stallings...

...and Randy Hollingsworth!

They haven't placed Nick Saban's statue yet, so Randy stood in for him!

On the campus
We also got to see Big Al before the game as we were walking to our seats in the stadium.

We were so amazed at the beauty of the day as we were sitting in our seats! It ended up being the perfect day for a football game--a winning one at that!

And we had so much fun cheering for the National Champs as they ran onto the field.

The players did not disappoint! We saw lots of action and got to scream and yell A LOT!!!

But the best part of the day was...

...getting to be with my Sweetie ALL BY OURSELVES!!!! I love my kids so very much, but I am so happy we had the opportunity to spend the day together at one of our favorite places.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweetest Boy in the World

I have to share this sweet thing that Harrison said yesterday. It made me fall head over heels in love with him...AGAIN!

One of my dear teacher friends has been out of school taking care of her husband who had surgery the week after school started. She and Harrison have apparently formed a strong bond over the chocolate pudding snacks they shared after school last year. Last week Harrison noticed that Mrs. M was not at school and asked where she was. I told him that she was taking care of Mr. M.
He says, "Well we need to pray for him to get better quick!" So Harrison prayed for Mr. M that night and every night since then!
Yesterday I had to go to the doctor right after school for my HoRrIbLe sinus infection. While we were waiting in exam room, he asks, "Is Mr. M better?"
I told him, yes, Mr. M is better.
And he answers, "See...I knew my prayers worked."