Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Long, Long Time Ago

20 years ago today, I had the most life-changing night of my life--although I didn't know it at the time.
20 years ago today, I met the love of my life.
*This was us a few days later on a group date to the bowling alley.*

I had been home from a trip out West for about a week when my friend, Kim, decided that I absolutely, positively had to meet these new guys she had met while I was out of town. I told her no, I just didn't feel like doing anything that night. Well luckily for me, she came over to my house, picked out clothes for me to wear, and dragged me out the door to have a good time. We drove to UAH to hear a band play, and as we were walking up to the building she saw them getting out of their car. She introduced me to Joe, Marcus, Calvin, and most importantly, Randy. I thought it was going to be extremely awkward meeting these new guys, but it wasn't AT ALL! Randy and I hit it off immediately and talked and laughed instead of listening to the band. We ended up going to his friend, Marcus' house to play pool and continued our conversation there. From that night on, we were inseparable.

I am so very thankful to Kim for dragging me out of the house that summer night! But I really cannot believe that it has been 20 whole years since that fateful night!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


We have been enjoying Vacation Bible School this week at our church, or should I say that 2 of us have been enjoying it?!?

Actually she was annoyed with me for wanting to take "another" picture of them. She has been the first one ready to go each morning to get to Summer Explosion. (The 5th-8th graders get to experience a different VBS than the standard one consisting of crafts, snacks, games, etc. They worship together, then break off into their small groups for a devotion, then go to their activity. There are lots of activities to choose from including dance, board games, art, photography, golf, soccer, capture the flag, and cake decorating. Caitlin chose cake decorating this year and came home with a full-size cake today decorated by her!)

I was honored to be Harrison's Crew Leader this week which has been a lot of fun. We have learned a lot about the "Big Jungle" this week, and I have received lots and lots of hugs and kisses from my favorite boy!

I love VBS week and volunteering for it each year, but I am so happy it is over so that we don't have to get up quite so early each day next week!

Summer Fun!!

We invited two of Caitlin's best friends over on Thursday and decided to take them out on the boat at the last minute. We weren't sure the weather would cooperate, but the sun started shining about noon so off we went!

Caitlin, Sarah, and Madelyn
They have all been friends since they were just tiny babies.

My funny boy had to make sure his picture was taken too. He had as much fun as the girls playing in the water.

Daddy did a little fishing, but since there were 3 screamers with us it was hard to find anything else in the water!

Harrison made a few jumps off the boat.

And so did the girls!

Madelyn said they were enjoying their "Spa Day" here.

Look at that cutie!

The girls tried to ride on the tube (Doesn't Caitlin look so excited?!?). Unfortunately it didn't work so well on this trip. The red cover has gotten a hole in it, so as the boat was pulling it along water started rushing into the bottom of the tube. The girls got facefuls of water, and then the water pushed the tube out!

We still had fun playing on the tube though. And we had a great time with friends!

Father's Day Celebration

We had a terrific Father's Day! We started our day by presenting Daddy with his presents and a small breakfast. Then it was off to church.
My wonderful husband who is such a great Daddy to these two precious children! I am very, very blessed to have him.
After church we grilled out for our Father's Day lunch. Randy's parents (Grandmother and Grandaddy) joined us so we could celebrate with them.

Caitlin and Harrison set the table, and Harrison made place cards for everyone.

3 Generations of Hollingsworths: Grandaddy, Daddy, and Harrison

We rested for awhile, then ran some necessary errands together. And miracle of all miracles...there was absolutely NO fighting from the backseat!! Randy said that was the best present we could have given him!

We met my family for dinner after that, but I have no pictures because my camera somehow got left at home. It could be "someone" planned that because he does not like having his picture taken. Hmmmmmm......
It was great getting to celebrate all the fathers in my life--my Daddy, my Father-in-law, and the very best husband who is Daddy to my sweet children--all on the same day! We are extremely lucky to be so close to them.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Last Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, we had our last birthday celebration of 2011 at Jump-To-It here in Madison. It's new, and we've never been there. But as soon as Harrison toured the place a few weeks ago, he just knew he wanted his party there. It's a building filled with 4-5 inflatables and a party room. They also have a Parent Room with recliners, a big screen TV, and computers so the parents can chill out while the kids run around like crazy--and that is exactly what Harrison and his party guests did!

He was saying, "I'm the king of the world!"

Here he and Alex are playing inflatable Skee-ball.

Daddy tried his hand at it too.

Dylan and Bryce got in the boxing ring together. This is so funny to me because these guys are neighbors and friends!

Of course, Caitlin and Taylor had to get a few rounds in also! Randy said he and I needed to get in there to get some tension out (more about that later!).

Harrison and his buddy from school, Casey.

Harrison, Alex, and Evan loved hitting the ball off the tee to see where the ball would hit in the inflatable. This was perfect since Harrison had a lot of his T-ball friends at his party.

Harrison and his oldest friend, Alex

One hot and sweaty boy!!

CJ and Harrison took a time-out at the end of the obstacle course.

After all that playing, it was time to sit down for the rest of the birthday celebration.

First came pizza and drinks.

Most of the party guests--Bryce, Dylan, Evan, Casey, Harrison, CJ, Erin, Calli, and Kylie. Alex, Taylor, and Caitlin didn't make it into the picture.

Then it was cake time!

I can now tell a funny story about this cake, however it wasn't too funny when it happened. When Harrison told me he wanted a Lego Indiana Jones birthday party, I researched cakes online. I found this cute cupcake one and got up early Saturday morning to make it. Well as I was holding it in my lap on the way to the party, we turned out of our subdivision and 7 of the cupcakes fell off the tray right into my lap and the floorboard of the car!! I screamed at Randy (because I thought he turned way too fast!), and we turned around to go back home so I could change shirts and fix the cupcakes. Luckily I made extras! So that is why Randy said we needed to get out some tension in the boxing ring.

Happy Birthday Harrison!

Next it was Present Time!

And he got lots of Legos plus a rubber snake just like in the Indiana Jones game!

Look who came to the party--Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa!
We had a great time at Harrison's party, and I'm so happy his friends got to come play and celebrate Harrison's birthday with him.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Harrison's Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Harrison's 6th Birthday on Thursday, June 16 doing all the things he wanted to do. When he woke up Thursday morning, he told us he wanted to go see this movie...

Thankfully it was at the Dollar Movie Theatre. Caitlin wasn't too thrilled with that movie choice, so she picked...

for the 2 girls. I don't think I can tell you how much I LoVeD this movie!! It was clean (no cuss words or intimate scenes) and had such an inspirational theme throughout. This is one movie we will definitely buy when it is released!
So then Harrison told us he wanted to go out for breakfast. Because of that, we went ahead and let him open his presents from us before we left the house.

He was so excited to see what was in those packages!

And lo and behold...he got the exact DS video game he has been asking for--Lego Star Wars III!

He also got a wand from Universal Studios from his sister. He wanted one just like her, so this made his day!
We then all got dressed, and guess where we went?!?

Krispy Kreme!! (My kids love doughnuts, can you tell? Or maybe it's that we don't get them that often.) The sweet lady working the counter gave Harrison a hat, balloon, and a free chocolate sprinkled doughnut because it was his birthday. He was beyond excited!

Then we got a visit from Grandmother and Grandaddy who came over to spread some more birthday cheer.

They also brought presents--clothes and $50! He's thinking about what to spend that money on.
We then went to the Dollar Movies and enjoyed our popcorn and Cokes. When we got home, we changed clothes and went to celebrate some more at Bridge Street. While there, I snapped some pictures of my sweet birthday children.

Happy Birthday Harrison! I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did!

Caitlin's Birthday Celebration

Caitlin celebrated her 11th birthday on Wednesday, June 15 ALL. DAY. LONG! It was a fun day, though, that I am so grateful I get to share with her.

We started the morning off with a birthday doughnut from Donut Palace. That is her favorite place to get doughnuts, so off Daddy went bright and early to get her requests.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to her and watched her blow out her doughnut candle.

Then it was on to the presents!

Have I mentioned that the Reading Bug has bitten Caitlin? Well she has been asking for the book, Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo, for a few weeks now, so I grabbed it up in our church's bookstore for her. She has already read about half of it and loves the story. I can't wait to read it when she's done!

She loved her present from her little brother--a cupcake charm for her Brighton bracelet.

Her Daddy and I also added some charms to her collection as well--a dangly "C" and 2 daisy spacers. Just what she wanted!!

Our annual picture of us with the Birthday Girl

(Too bad our photographer was on a sugar-high from his doughnut and couldn't keep the camera still!)

That night we met up with my family for her birthday dinner at Bonefish Grill (my girl has some good taste in food!). Even though we were stuffed from so much delicious seafood, the waitress still presented her with...

a birthday ice cream brownie! It was so big that all the kids got to sample it.

Everyone who was there except Scott (he had already left for work at FedEx) and me (I was taking the picture).
Front Row: Daniel, Stephanie, Caitlin, Harrison
Back Row: Pa-Pa, Dana, Ma-Ma, Randy

And, of course, we had to walk down to...

Yogurt Twist to get a little frozen yogurt. Thank goodness this place is way on the other side of town! Otherwise we would be paying them lots of visits this summer.

So, as you can see, we had a fun but busy birthday with Caitlin!