Sunday, February 21, 2010

Symphony and Sci-Quest

On Friday, Randy and Caitlin went to the Symphony with the 4th Grade classes at Monrovia. Apparently they had a great time. Caitlin was even invited to come up onstage with some others to learn some dances that went along with the music.

Here she is in the red shirt along with a few friends onstage.

And here is the conductor instructing the kids.
After the symphony, they went over to Sci-Quest--the local science museum. While there, Caitlin and some other selected students got to play on the cool exhibits while they filmed a commercial for Sci-Quest! We can't wait to see the finished product on TV!!
The classes got to watch a movie called "Earth's Wild Ride" in the dome.

Here is Caitlin (in the red shirt) and a few friends playing on an exhibit.
I think they had a really good time because she has talked about this field trip all weekend long!

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