Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance

After finally recovering from my dance-induced state of exhaustion, I am ready to chronicle our events of the weekend. We started out for Montgomery about 1:00 Friday afternoon. Right around Birmingham, my friend, Shannon, called crying hysterically. She told me through tears about the shooting at Discovery Middle School where her daughter, Delaney, is in 7th grade. While we were on the phone, Delaney called from the school to let her mom know that she was fine and the entire school was on lockdown. Later through the news media, I found out that 14 -year-old Todd Brown was shot and killed by one of his classmates. It put a damper on the start of our fun and exciting weekend, but every time we thought of it all we said a prayer for all those involved. I also hugged and kissed my sweet baby girl even more!
So then we arrived at our hotel in Montgomery. We walked over to the Performing Arts Hall to watch the opening of the DMA Convention.

Caitlin and her dance friends got a little antsy while waiting for the performance to start and were fooling around acting like typical little girls! Here is Kailee, Anna, Caitlin, and Kayla being silly for the camera. After watching about 2 hours of dance, we were a little hungry. So we headed out in search of a place to eat within walking distance.

But first we had to take our picture in front of the fountain at the Renaissance Hotel.

A proud Daddy with his dancing daughter
After dinner, we went back to the hotel to put Caitlin to bed early. She had to be up, dressed, and ready to dance at 7:15 Saturday morning!! Luckily our hotel had a wonderful hot breakfast bar which we took full advantage of! While waiting for Caitlin's group to take the stage, we had a photo shoot.

Caitlin and Kayla dressed and ready to perform.

Caitlin was getting into "The Zone" before going on stage.

Me and my beautiful dancer

Caitlin and Anna cheesing it up!
Soon after we left the girls with one of their dance teachers, Miss Mary Katherine. Randy found all of us parents great seats in the theatre, and we sat down to wait for the "Big Bad Wolf" performance. There were lots of wonderful dancers who performed, but none as great as Caitlin's group! I was sooooo nervous before they came on stage that I started crying while their props were being put on stage! I just can't handle the pressure!!! But I was nervous for nothing. They did their absolute best!!!!
In fact, here is part of the group after receiving their Platinum ribbons (that means their score was between 96 and 100!). They also won the High Points award for the tap groups, and they came in 2nd place overall in the Petite Division!!!! Way to go girls!

Here is Caitlin at our hotel proudly showing off her 2nd place medal!
After working up an appetite, we took Kayla and her parents to one of our favorite restaurants in Montgomery--Chris' Hot Dogs.

It did not disappoint! Kayla and Caitlin even got to sit at their own table.
We then went back to the Performing Arts Hall to cheer on other groups from North Alabama Dance Center. It was really fun to watch all those talented dancers.
Then we met my Aunt Bobbie for dinner in Montgomery. We haven't seen her since Thanksgiving, so this was a treat!
Caitlin was still proudly wearing that 2nd place medal!!
We then drove back to our hotel and let the girls do what they had been asking for all day....

On Sunday Caitlin and the girls were in classes ALL day with the judges of the dance competition. Randy and I drove to Prattville and got to enjoy each other's company and have a quiet lunch together!
It was such a fun, but busy weekend! Caitlin is ready to go next year she said, but first she had to sleep the whole way home!

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