Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazy Hat Day...Actually Just a Crazy Day!

Harrison's school (which is my school too!) is raising money for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life right now. Today if a child brought in a dollar, then they could wear a crazy hat all day at school.
Here is my little Mexican! I don't know where he has picked up the peace sign thing, but he loves to do it in pictures lately.
Harrison also had his Valentine Party today in his class. It was the craziest place I have ever been!! Please remind me to retire before I teach Pre-K!!!!!

Harrison and his classmates eating their Valentine monster snack and drinking their Love Potion with the crazy straw given to them by their friend, Gregory. Then it was time to exchange Valentine cards. This is where it got SUPER CRAZY!!!! There are 18 children in the class, and it took almost an hour for each child to pass out his/her Valentine cards! Whew!!!

"Look at this one!" We kept hearing that statement over and over and over...

See? There's the peace sign again. It just cracks me up!

Harrison with his box full of Valentines. (Now look at that face!)
It really was a good time! I feel very lucky that I get to experience these fun times with my little guy, and I would go back and experience the craziness all over again!!!

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