Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the Air

Since Valentine's Day fell on Sunday this year, we decided to celebrate a day early so that we would have time to enjoy our presents. This was the table with all our presents laid out on it-minus the stuffed animals for Caitlin and Harrison that were hidden!

Doesn't Harrison look like he wants to dive into those gifts?!? Caitlin made the BIG card for me at school last week.

Me and 2 of my Valentines

The inside of the BIG card--I absolutely loved it!!!

Surprise!! Money was in their cards!

Yes, I am crying in this picture. I had hinted before Christmas that I wanted a Pandora bracelet, but I didn't get one. I thought maybe for my birthday I would get it, but no such luck! I really had given up on getting one. I thought we had opened all our Valentines Saturday morning when Randy came waltzing in with a Hobbs Jewelers bag. I knew what it was even before opening the cute little bag. It made me cry that he loves me that much to surprise me with what I wanted most! And then to top it all off, Randy surprised me with a dinner date. I have the BEST Valentine ever!!!!