Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It Was, LIke, Totally Awesome!!

The 4th grade at Monrovia performed at the February PTA meeting last night. They put on a performance called "Dancing Through The Decades." It was totally awesome! Each 4th grade class took a decade, dressed up like they were living in that era, and talked about that decade's high points. There also happened to be a lot of music and dancing involved which is Caitlin's very favorite thing.

Caitlin's class was the 80's while Randy's class was dressed up like the 70's. When I was dressing Caitlin before the show, she asked,"Did you always dress like this when you were growing up?" I had to laugh because no, I did not!

Here is Caitlin's class performing "Thriller." Guess who stole the show?!?

She even moonwalked!!! I didn't know she could do that!

And at the end of the show all the classes sang "We're All in This Together" from High School Musical. Caitlin said, "Wow! I wish we could do this every night!"

Here is a pic of Mr. Hollingsworth's 70's class (with 2 stragglers--can you find them?) I just wanted to break into the "Welcome Back, Kotter" theme song when I saw them together!

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