Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last Game

Caitlin had her last Upward game to cheer at on Saturday morning. It has been so much fun to watch her master something that she has wanted to do for a long time. I absolutely {heart} Upward because not only do they focus on the sports aspect, but they encourage each player to memorize Scripture each week. I so want her (and Harrison) to love the Word of God. I pray daily for that and feel like Upward really encourages it.

Caitlin is third from the left. She led this cheer.

This was during their pom-pom routine at halftime.

The prettiest cheerleader of them all!
After the game most of the girls and their coach met at Pizza Hut for lunch.

Coach Laura was a wonderful cheerleading coach who has such a generous and loving spirit towards the girls. I was so very pleased with the overall experience of Upward and can't wait for Harrison to join next year! (just not cheerleading!)

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