Tuesday, February 16, 2010


**Not sure what is going on with Blogger, but my pictures are taking forever to load and are out of order.**

We had snow AGAIN on Monday!! Don't know when we were transferred to Canada, but I'm amazed at how much white stuff we have gotten this winter. We woke up to a white yard, ate breakfast together, and the kids were ready to play! They didn't last very long--apparently it was too cold out there.

Eating the yummy cookies made by my two little chefs! What a fun snow day spent together.

Playing on the snow-covered swing set

All bundled up and ready to play in the snow!

So happy to have snow again!

They then came inside to warm up with some hot chocolate. The chefs then decided it would be fun to bake and decorate sugar cookies. It was fun until the sprinkles started flying all over the kitchen! How do they do that?!? The cookies sure were delicious, though.

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