Tuesday, June 30, 2009

College Buddy

There are some people you meet in life who make an everlasting impression, and you just know that you will always be friends. Trent is one of those people. Randy met Trent in the dorms at JSU, and they became card-playing, music-loving buddies. Later on, they became fraternity brothers together. I was introduced to Trent while he was helping me move my "stuff" into my new apartment in Jacksonville. He and Randy kept making us laugh so hard we could barely stand up straight! Trent, Randy, and I had many, many adventures in college which included: helping each other move, grocery shopping, playing cards, visiting redneck flea markets, and way too many others to name! Trent also shared our wedding day with us by standing up as a very handsome groomsman. Trent is from Virginia Beach, VA, and Randy and I got the chance to visit him at his home there after graduation which was right down the road from one of my favorite lighthouses, Cape Henry. We have kept in touch with Trent through the years, but it has been awhile since we have seen him in person. Luckily he was in town today from Cedartown, GA, so he spent the afternoon with us. We took him to Greenbriar for lunch--YUMMY! Then we came back to our house to play catch up.
He also...

played with Caitlin and Harrison a bit. Trent has 2 daughters their same ages, but he couldn't bring them along on this trip.
Then we posed for some pictures together.

Have we changed any since this next picture was made way back in 1992?!?

Wow! I forgot what I looked like with bangs!

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