Sunday, June 14, 2009

Caitlin's Birthday Party

On Saturday, we had Caitlin's birthday party at Dublin Park's outdoor swimming pool. After much praying on bended knee, it went off without a drop of rain! Caitlin was lucky enough to have lots of school, church, and dance friends come to celebrate with her. They were: Anna, Carly, Delaney, Annie, Madelyn, Sarah, Hannah, Shelby K, Rush, Grayson, Shelby W, Kayla, David and Mary. She also had all of her grandparents come to her party as well as her Aunt Dana and her cousin, Stephanie. They had such a good time swimming, and I did not have to get in AT ALL to rescue anyone!! She got a lot of nice presents which included several gift cards (her favorite). And Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa got her a camera so that she can join the Paparazzi as my friend Heather calls it! As of this afternoon she has already taken about 50 pictures, so I guess she is officially a member, Heather! It was so much fun celebrating my baby girl's ninth birthday, but I still can't believe she is that old!!

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