Friday, July 3, 2009

A Night Away

"Happy parents make happy kids," is the advice I got from one of my co-workers, and Randy and I fully agree with that statement! We try to get away each summer by ourselves just for a night. We are so very lucky that we have willing and able grandparents who will entertain our children while we are away!
This time we picked the great city of Nashville to visit. While there, we....

shopped, shopped, and shopped!
These are most of the bags we accumulated on our excursion to Opry Mills.

This is the hotel we stayed at, and I would highly recommend it! It was very reasonable in price, and we felt very pampered while there! We also....

got cleaned up and went out for a nice meal (without kids!!!!). When we got back, Caitlin and Harrison were so happy to see us, and I couldn't hug and kiss them enough, but I am sooooo glad I got some alone time with my hubby!!!!

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