Monday, June 22, 2009

All the Men in My Life

After serving Daddy breakfast in bed, we headed off to church. But not before taking a few pictures, of course!

My sweet family
I asked Randy/Daddy what he wanted for lunch, and he said what Caitlin was hoping for--sushi! So after we changed clothes, we headed to Bridge Street to the little Japanese restaurant tucked next to the carousel where apparently they serve pretty good sushi. I wouldn't know because I eat the chicken teriyaki Bento Box there! Then it was off to hand out presents to the Grandpas! We are sooooo lucky to live in the same town as our children's grandparents. They get to see them on a regular basis, and we never have to travel for holidays. It is so nice!

Helping Grandaddy open his presents

Randy and his Dad
Next it was off to Pa-Pa's house. Luckily they only live about a mile away from each other! Do we have it easy or what?!

Giving Pa-Pa his presents

Me and my Daddy--I couldn't have asked for a better role model growing up! I love my Daddy!

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