Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kindergarten Graduate

What a bittersweet day we had on Thursday!! Harrison graduated from Kindergarten! He is now on his way to being a big First Grader. I just can't believe it!! How we got to this point in time so fast, I will never know.

They started their program with a few songs.

Then they recited a poem about Kindergarten. He and his friend, Makayla, had the first "r" in Kindergarten that said, "R is for reading books all day long." They did such a great job!

"First Grade here we come!"

A disco song about Kindergarten

Then they sang "One Small Voice" which made this Mama cry buckets. It was so sweet, and at the end they linked arms. Precious!

Getting his diploma from his teacher, Mrs. Terrell.

The proud graduate!

Our happy family afterwards

When I was little and complaining about how long it took for my birthday to get here, my mom always told me to wait until I was grown and then time would speed by. Boy, was she right!!!

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