Monday, May 2, 2011

A Heavy Heart

Well, we came home this morning to a house with power. I am so very thankful to have this luxury when so many near us are suffering. We have visited several areas that were hit by Wednesday's tornado, and there are no words to describe the images. Several of the teachers at my school had damage at their houses including one who lost her house and both cars. Plus my heart just aches for my students--former and present--who lost everything. There are so many stories I could tell, way too many stories that I wish had not happened. We are in a holding pattern with going back to school but today is going to be a hard day helping those who are trying to clean up their lives.

Please pray for North Alabama!!!

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A Wife and a Teacher said...

I know you are thankful to have power again!!! I have been thinking about all of y'all the past few days. We will be down this weekend to help mom and dad clean up trees. We are praying for everyone down there!