Thursday, May 26, 2011

Field Day Fun

On Tuesday, Harrison had Field Day at his school. It was cloudy in the morning, but then it turned sunny for the afternoon activities. It ended up being a perfect day for Field Day because it wasn't too hot or too cold. He got to participate in so many fun activities.

Here he is demonstrating the right way to throw a rubber chicken.

Then came the Moon Walkers relay.

Here he is with his friend, Evan. They are two silly boys!

He did great in the egg relay.

Inflatable fun was next! I don't know where the socks went!!

Going down the smaller slide with his friend, Dylan.

They then got to go into the gym to cool off, get a drink, and do the robot to some cool music. Or was that only my son that did the robot?!?

He and Evan played a game of Scoops together.

I didn't get pictures of the 100 yard dash or sack race, but just know that he finished DEAD LAST!!!! But he pushed through and finished both races which made me very proud. I asked him later if it bothered him that he finished after everybody else, and he said, "No." He is my non-competitive child. All he wants is to have fun while participating with everyone.

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teri-free2bme said...

What fun!!! ... love the tie dye shirts and all the activites you describe. Glad you all had perfect weather.