Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I have had the best Mother's Day yet!! My two blessings have been so sweet today. They even let me dress them alike for church today--that in itself was a present! So besides being dressed so cute today, they...

served me breakfast in bed this morning. The menu was chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and coffee. Can you guess who came up with that menu?!?

And my present was a Kindle--something I have wanted for awhile but have not been willing to purchase for myself because it was a little bit extravagant. I have already downloaded 2 books and started reading the first!
We then went to church (dressed in our finest!) and enjoyed some good company in our Sunday School class. And afterwards...

we took our boat out on the river. I told them I just wanted to spend some time together as a family, and that was the best place I knew to get them away from everything!

We had a picnic lunch right there on the boat together.

And had fun being together--even though the water was cold, cold, cold!!
After that we cleaned up and went over to Grandmother's to give her a Mother's Day present.

She loved her present, but she loved seeing her 2 sweet grandbabies even more!

Randy and his Mom
We then met my family for a Mother's Day supper so that we could celebrate with Ma-Ma. She liked her presents and the company.

Daniel, Harrison, Ma-Ma, Stephanie, and Caitlin posing after we ate. But to get that cute picture, we had to endure this:

I love seeing their unique personalities!

Dana, my Mom, and me

So it has been a very busy Mother's Day, but I got to spend it with my favorite people in the world!!!

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Heather said...

I love the matching outfits!!! Too cute! :) Also, enjoy your Kindle! I love mine! Happy belated Mother's Day to a wonderful Mom!