Monday, May 23, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance

On Saturday, after Harrison's T-ball game, we had another important event to attend: Caitlin's dance recital--"Movie Night." We have all been looking forward to watching her dance, dance, dance on that big stage at the Von Braun Center. This year was a little bit different because she was in both shows: the Matinee and the Evening. And she had so many supporters there to cheer her on.

One of her best friends, Taylor, was there.

Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa came to the Matinee show. Caitlin was so excited to see them there. I then had to run her backstage to get her ready for the show.

Caitlin and her dance friend, Kayla, dressed and ready to dance in "Shrek." All the fairy tale characters were in this one. Caitlin was Grumpy the Dwarf, and Kayla was the Queen of Hearts.

Here they are in the middle of the dance.

Next up was "Star Wars." They were dressed as stormtroopers and danced to the Darth Vader theme.

Then came their ballet dance, "Oklahoma."

Last, was their competition dance, "Hammertime." They performed this one as flawlessly as ever.

And then Caitlin was eligible to perform in the Finale. The girls have to maintain perfect attendance in order to dance in this one. There were 5 additional movies featured in the Finale. Caitlin danced in "Risky Business: Ol Time Rock 'n Roll."

We were so very proud of our star dancer! Her Daddy and I presented her with a charm bracelet that had a ballet slipper already on it. She loved it!

Her beautiful flowers were courtesy of Grandmother and Grandaddy.

We couldn't believe that Ms. Blackwood (a 2nd grade teacher at my school who came to visit us in the hospital when Caitlin was born and has kept up with Caitlin since) came to the recital! She got to see several young ladies perform that she taught or just knew.

Auntie Laura had to come see her "other" daughter on her big night.

After the Matinee show when all of our family and friends had gone home, Caitlin and I sat down for a picnic supper with our friends, Kayla and her mom, Rhonda.

Two pretty dancers just relaxing before the next big show. Thankfully the weather was nice so that we could eat our picnic outside.

Me and my beautiful girl.

I am so proud of her!! She amazes me with her talent!

We then went back inside the VBC to get her ready for the Evening Show. After touching up her makeup and hair, she got redressed in her first costume, "Shrek." We walked back out to the Concert Hall and guess who we saw??

Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Mitchell, and Ms. Kirkland (her First Grade Aunts that I teach with)

She was super excited that they came to watch her dance!

I absolutely LoVed both shows and just can't believe the incredible talent my little girl possesses!

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