Monday, June 7, 2010

Terrific Trip

We had the absolute BeSt time at the beach last week!!!
We went to Fort Morgan which is about 15 miles east of Gulf Shores and rented a beach house with our 2 favorite family friends-the Mayers and the Aronsons. So there were 6 adults and 6 kids together. We almost changed our destination to an East Coast location so that we would avoid the oil spill, but there was no oil on the Gulf Coast when we left on Friday, May 28. In fact, it didn't hit the Alabama beaches until a week later. So we were very, very lucky that we had beautiful weather and beaches to play on!

And we did a LOT of playing in the surf!

Daddy was a fun playmate.

I love, love, love this man!!!

And the moms got to enjoy some chat time on the "Caribbean Island" raft that the Aronsons brought. This was a huge hit especially with the kids. They LOVED sliding down the slide!
While the moms and kids were playing on the raft, the dads...

fished a little--no, make that a LOT!!! They fished in the ocean and...

at the marina. Lucky us because they cooked all that they caught, so we ate very, very well!

We also posed for some pictures before going out to eat one night. First with the family.

Then with our friends. (Didn't Caitlin do a good job taking this picture?)

We ate at our favorite restaurant in Gulf Shores--Steamer's, and it did not disappoint!!
Most every night we went...

crabbing! It was so fun to watch the kids go scurrying after those little, bitty crabs!

And one night, we celebrated Caitlin's 10th birthday! Her birthday is not for another week, but she wanted to have a special celebration with her good family friends.
We also had to document our time at the beach with family portraits.

Harrison did NOT like the sun!!! Otherwise they turned out pretty well.

We even got in a smooch!!!!
As much fun as we had at the beach, it sure was nice to come home to our own beds!

But I will miss these sandy toes!!!!!

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