Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Girl Likes to Party All the Time

We had a rockin' good time at Caitlin's 10th Birthday Party last night! (I can't believe I just typed the number 10 and her name in the same sentence!!!)
Anyway...we started our night at the Monaco. We met up with her friends and went to Opening Night of The Karate Kid. And let me tell was awesome! Even though Caitlin and I knew what was going to happen from watching the original Karate Kid, we still cheered and clapped at the end! I was a little leery of the casting and location changes, but it made for a great movie.

Birthday Girl at the Monaco
After the movie, we walked over to Red Robin where Daddy had a table for all of us.

The great group of girls who we treated to a fun night out: Sarah, Madelyn, Caitlin, and Shelby.

The waiters presented Caitlin with her very own birthday sundae after dinner and sang a unique version of "Happy Birthday" to her.

Since my baby girl LOVES Gigi's cupcakes, we got each girl their own cupcake instead of having a traditional cake. Can you tell how happy she was with our decision???

Posing at the fountain with their cupcake boxes

We then strolled down Bridge Street to do a little shopping. What else makes a girl happy?!?
It was home after that for presents!!!

I love this cute picture of my baby girl!

She got some of her favorite things: Silly Bandz, earrings, and gift cards.

Then came the silly part!! The girls stayed the night with us making for an ExTrA long night. (The last time I checked on them was at 1:30 am, and three out of the four were still up!)
It was a fun birthday party, and I highly recommend keeping numbers down when doing the slumber party thing!
Her actual birthday is not until Tuesday, so we will get to celebrate some more with family next week. We love to stretch out our birthdays around here!!

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