Monday, June 7, 2010

T-ball Party

Harrison's T-ball team had their end-of-season party on Saturday afternoon. (We pulled into the parking lot directly off the Interstate from the beach!) The party was at Onyx Gym, and it was so much fun!! There was an inflatable slide, moon bounce, balance beam, floor mats, and a looooong trampoline that ended in a foam pit.

I was able to stop Harrison for one minute to pose for a picture. The rest of the pictures were just big blurs!

The cookie cake I got for the party. It was soooooo good!
After eating pizza and cake, Coach Ben's wife passed out the trophies.

Look how excited he is to get his very first trophy!!!!

Daddy got a plaque for being the Assistant Coach for the team.

The Red Sox t-ball team with their trophies.
Front Row: Ben, Lauren, Wyatt, Cassie, Jackson
Back Row: Dawson, Trey, Harrison, Aiden, Bryson
Harrison loved playing t-ball and wants to play again next year, so it was a successful year!
Go Red Sox!!!!!

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