Sunday, May 23, 2010

Watch Out K--He's On His Way!

On Friday Harrison had his End of Year Pre-K Program which included them getting their diplomas and graduating to Kindergarten. Yes, a few tears were shed by this Mommy! Harrison did an excellent job singing the songs and reciting his lines in their class poem, and we were so very proud!

Maybe he'll make a great singer one day!
After they performed for all the parents, Mrs. Spears handed out their diplomas.

He looks like such a big boy:(

He was very happy with his Clifford book that he got along with his diploma.

Posing with the BEST Pre-K Teacher ever!!!!

Each Pre-K classroom has an aide, and Ms. Michaels was in Harrison's room this year. She is so sweet and has taken such good care of Harrison!

He had to get a picture with his best buddy, Casey.

2 Proud Parents with their Kindergarten Boy--hard to believe he is that old!!!!

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