Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Randy and I are in a very unique situation. One of our perks as being teachers is that we get to choose our children's teachers. That may sound easy, but we pray about it starting around this time each year. Thankfully we have always had a clear answer when it came to Caitlin's teacher choices, and it seems as if that is happening with Harrison as well.
We have been blessed this year with two Godly women who make teaching a priority.

Mrs. Spears has been the BEST choice for Harrison's Pre-School experience. She is soooo patient, loving, and kind, yet she makes these four-year-olds walk the line! Harrison absolutely adores her, and we think she's pretty special also.

Mrs. Curry has taught Caitlin all the necessary 4th grade skills and has managed to instill other more important life lessons that Caitlin will not soon forget. She is special to our family also!
We have truly been blessed this school year with these fabulous teachers.
Now on to next year...

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