Friday, May 28, 2010

Last T-ball Game

This past Tuesday Harrison had his very last T-ball game of the season! While I am happy not to be out in that hot, hot sun, I am sad that this first season of T-ball has come to an end. He did a great job learning the basic skills of baseball, such as...

running the bases,

and learning to listen to his coaches (even Coach Daddy).

I was one of the Team Moms along with Harrison's Teacher, Mrs. Spears. We spent every game in the dugout corralling the boys and helping with batting helmets, bats, and baseball caps.

Two good buddies--Trey and Harrison

"What a game!"

"Good game, friend!"

I love this one! Harrison's afternoon teacher, Ms. Gail, came to the ballpark and took some cute, cute pictures of Trey and Harrison.
I can't wait until opening pitch next year!!!

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