Sunday, May 23, 2010

Music City Madness

On Friday night we continued the fun, fun day at the Von Braun Center. Caitlin had her dress rehearsal for her dance recital, "Music City Madness." Every dance had something to do with the city of Nashville which is one of our favorite cities:)
The dress rehearsal is so much more low-key and less stressful than the actual performance on Saturday night.

Here is Caitlin with her two best dance friends, Kayla and Anna. Don't they look beautiful for their ballet dance?
The dress rehearsal is also a time for goofing off for the girls. For instance...

they decided to act out the Three Little Pigs story in the dressing room.
They did a great job rehearsing on Friday, but we were there until about 11:00!! Both Caitlin and I fell into bed and ended up sleeping late on Saturday thanks to our great guys:)
On Saturday we got to the Civic Center early enough to get great seats to see our star performer. First up was the Ballet dance.
The song was "Tennessee Waltz" and it was absolutely beautiful in those costumes!

* This got put in the wrong order.*
Harrison just didn't last very long! Poor, tired baby.

She was making sure we were watching her every move!

Next up was the "Big Bad Wolf" tap dance. It represented the Nashville Children's Theatre. We rushed to change her out of her costume after this dance so that she could come sit with us in the audience. And look who was sitting right in front of us...

Megan and her parents, John and Christie. They are in our Sunday School class and are good friends. Megan was a cowgirl in her dance and did a fantastic job!

We then had to change the girls into their jazz costume-race car driver for the Nashville Speedway.
*Warning* Out of order picture!!!

Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa sat with us cheering on the most beautiful dancer out there. They also presented her with a bouquet of flowers. Her Daddy gave her the pink and peach roses she's holding on the right. What a special girl!!

The song for this dance was "White Knuckle Ride" by Lynryd Skynryd.

It was a cute, cute dance! And look at that smile on her face!! She loved this dance and costume the most.
I then had to help her change ONE more time into her finale costume. Luckily it was a simple one.

It was a country music song, so all the girls wore white t-shirts, blue jean skirts or shorts, and bandannas.

Only the girls who have maintained perfect attendance get the chance to dance in the finale. It is quite an honor!!
So now we have another recital under our belts and are ready to rest up and relax!!

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