Friday, December 4, 2009

Tonsils Day

On Wednesday we headed to the Surgery Center way before sunrise. It was Harrison's Tonsillectomy Day. He was very excited to go there because we had told him about all the popsicles, ice cream, Jell-O, and pudding he would get to eat afterwards. He was also excited because he got to wear his cousin, Daniel's scrubs. We waited just a few minutes in the Waiting Area and then got called back. The nurse who took us back started calling him "Dr. Harrison" and it stuck. Soon all the doctors and nurses were calling him that!

Here he is in his scrubs just waiting for the doctor.

"Can you believe there's a TV in this bed?" This has now been added to his Christmas list.
After meeting with Dr. Castillo and the anesthesiologist, the nurses gave Harrison his gown to change into for surgery. He also got a red Beanie Baby Bear!

Still watching cartoons on that cool TV!
After praying with our pastor, Scott, they said it was time to take him. His Daddy and I showered him with kisses and off they drove to the OR. I only shed a few tears! Randy and I waited in the Surgery Waiting Room for about 40 minutes before they came and got us. We met with Dr. Castillo who gave us a run-down of the surgery. He explained exactly what he did and said it went great! Whew!!! We were very relieved to say the least!
We, along with Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa, went up to Harrison's room to wait for him. When the nurses wheeled him around the corner, I thought my heart would burst! It was so great to see Harrison sitting up and eating a popsicle!
But then he wanted Mommy to snuggle with him in bed (which I promptly did!). Doesn't he look great for just having surgery? He ended up eating 4 popsicles, 3 Jell-Os, and 2 muffins before we left at 4:00! He did wonderful!!!
We are now at home and are forcing Kool-Aid, Capri-Sun, popsicles, and Jell-O. He tried to eat an egg this morning, but that didn't go so well! Hopefully he will feel much better soon. We are planning on loading up in the car this weekend to drive through the Galaxy of Lights display at the Botanical Garden. I'm hoping he will feel like doing that!


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

TV in the bed... im sure he was lovin that!! So glad that his surgery went well and its all behind you now!!

Thanks for the kind words and prayers on my recent post... it has been tough, but even though medically there isnt alot of promise... i still feel like there is a chance, i know thats my faith in God, and in him i will always trust!

Whitney said...

glad the surgery went well. Hope he has a speedy recovery.