Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Festivities Part 2

Harrison had his class Christmas Party on Friday. I got to go (mainly because I had to bring the class Christmas present to their teacher!) and participate in the festivities. It was fun seeing the excitement in those little four-year-old eyes!
First they ate their snack...

Notice Harrison is sitting next to Mady:) He's also next to his best buddy, Casey.
Then who should to their wondering eyes appear???


Harrison told him again that he wants a Transformer, so I hope Santa brings it on Christmas Eve!
Then it was time for games!

First up....Musical Chairs.

Mrs. Spears played it to where as a child got eliminated, they got to pick their present from underneath the Christmas Tree. So it was really a treat to get out. Guess who purposely didn't find a chair the first round so that he could pick the first present?!?

Here are he and Mady (surprise, surprise...they are next to each other again!) waiting patiently to open their presents from their classmates.
Then we gave Mrs. Spears her present from the class.

It's a popcorn bowl that the kids painted themselves! She shed a few tears because she loved it so much--that made me feel good since I'm the one who did it.

The kids then got to open their present from Mrs. Spears--a book.

Harrison and Mrs. Spears--THE BEST Pre-K teacher!

And one last hug from Mady--I think he's trying to get away!!!!

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