Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Huntsville Depot

I had the privilege of accompanying Harrison's Pre-K class to the Huntsville Train Depot today.

Ready for some train action!

Harrison and his friend, Piper, who he previously asked to marry him, but then they called it off. (Whew!!!)
It was a little, no--a LOT cold and windy, but we survived!
First we went into a train car and saw the Grinch...
where he told us his story, and we played a game with him.
Then we went into a second train car...

and heard the story of the Polar Express.

We then got to learn about reindeer...

and play some reindeer games. Thankfully no one laughed at us or called us names!
The Snow Village was up next.

This picture does not even do it justice!

There were so many buildings, people, and special things like a wedding gazebo, Wal-Mart, and even a reindeer eating a snowman's nose! Several children said this was their favorite part:) While we were admiring the village, we heard a sound...

a REAL, LIVE TRAIN went by!!!! Boy, was it loud!
We got really cold watching that train, so they led us to Aunt Eunice's Kitchen.

It is really the insides of the restaurant made over at the Depot. For years and years, it was such a Huntsville landmark. If you wanted to do any politicking, Aunt Eunice's was THE place to go! The kids got to make a Christmas card here.
Next they led us to the old gas station replica.
It was so cool to see and play on Huntsville's first fire truck...

and a Ford Model-T. (If you'll notice, there is a sweet girl "driving" Harrison--that's Mady. She and Harrison were attached to each other like glue today!)

Where's the fire?
So that was our day at the Huntsville Train Depot!

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