Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Christmas Afternoon!

After eating a small breakfast of cinnamon rolls (our Christmas morning family tradition) and playing with our new toys, we got dressed and headed over to Grandmother and Grandaddy's house for what else? More presents and Christmas dinner!

"Can I open it yet?" We always go to our own spot, and then divvy up the presents. We take turns opening them one at a time. Randy says he couldn't stand this when he was little, and he just knows that our kids will talk about it after they are grown! But it's a Hollingsworth tradition to do it this way, so who am I to argue?

Caitlin got a BIG surprise--an American Girl! She was NOT expecting this! She has asked for an American Girl doll for several years now, but never got one until this year.

One of my presents-a pretty pink sweater. My mother-in-law loves to buy us clothes, and she always buys such nice things for us.
Then we had to take a field trip out to the garage for the final two presents.

Randy got a brand-new grill that he has been wanting for a while now! He was very surprised!

And Harrison got a bright red Mustang! He's been driving Caitlin's pink Barbie Jeep, but now he has a "boy" car to drive!
We had such a good Christmas this year. A little over the top, but we are very, very blessed and love to show the love to each other.

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