Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gingerbread Children

Harrison"s Pre-School class was looking for the Gingerbread Man all week. When Harrison got to go back to school on Thursday, they still had not found him. They even made cute little houses for him and his family, but he still eluded them!

Piper and Harrison hunting for the Gingerbread Man on Friday. They had found a clue in their classroom that he just might be in the lunchroom so they were headed there. And lo and behold! There was the Gingerbread Man in plain sight!

The children ran after him, caught him, and he was nice enough to share his gingerbread cookies with them.

Harrison with his cookie before he ate him all up.

The Gingerbread Man was even nice enough to pose for a picture with Harrison.
When Harrison came home on Friday, he told his Daddy that his class had found the Gingerbread Man. This was their conversation:
Daddy: Well, did you eat him after you caught him?
Harrison: NO! We ate his children.

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