Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It Might Just Be My Very Favorite Present!

Tonight I went out to eat with my special first grade friends to celebrate Christmas. We always have so much fun when we're together! It's rare to find 9 other ladies who you get along with so well in and out of work.

Mary and me poring over the menu at the new restaurant, Cheddar's.

Beautiful Petra

Debbie, Thea, Nakita, and Bekah--who is expecting her first baby in the summer:)

And Ashley, Beth, and Mary Beth
No, we did not make them sit over there the entire meal--we would have missed out on some good visiting! Right after we took pictures, the waitress brought us 3 more chairs, and we all squeezed together.
After our delicious meal, it was time to exchange presents!!! We always draw names so we only buy for one, not 9 others. Beth got my name this year, and look what she got me.....

Yes, that's right...a SNUGGIE!!

It's really quite comfortable (I have it on right now!) plus it came with a handy dandy book light! (I told them at the restaurant that I was going home to put my Snuggie to good use so I had to show them that I was telling the truth!)

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