Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Merriness!

We started off Christmas Eve by attending our church's Christmas Eve Candlelight service. We went to the 4:00 service because Caitlin was serving as an acolyte. That is my very favorite service of the entire year especially when we get to spread the love of Jesus through our candles! It meant more this year since Caitlin was a vital part of the service. Also my sister, Dana, and her family went with us! That is a first, and hopefully we can make that part of our annual Christmas Eve tradition.
We then went over to my parents (Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa) to eat Christmas Eve dinner together. It was delicious as usual! Then it was on to the presents....

Sweet Cousins

Candy from their stockings

Randy's favorite present

"Transformers!! Just what I wanted!" And it was...he asked Santa for them all of the 4 times he sat in his lap!

Randy and I got my parents a collage picture frame containing pictures from their 50th Anniversary Party plus pictures from among the years. They loved it!

Both Caitlin and Stephanie got Justice gift cards from Ma-Ma and Pa-Pa! Exactly what they wanted.

Gift cards were a popular theme this year!
Then we came home to change into our Christmas pajamas and lay out our cookies for Santa.

Harrison was too busy playing one of his new Leapster games to help us. Also we ended up having to move the Santa plate to the mantle so that Brady would not steal Santa and the reindeer's snack!
Then we all went to bed so that Santa could come.

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