Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tonsils Not Needed

Well...Harrison had his follow-up appointment with Dr. C yesterday afternoon. We went to see him back in May to check on the tubes in his ears, and the right one was still lodged in there pretty good. So Dr. C wanted to see if it would fall out over the summer (it didn't), and if not, then he would have to go in there and remove it so as not to cause infection (Harrison had these tubes put in his ears when he was only 14 months old, so it's been in there for 3 whole years!). So I knew once he looked in Harrion's ears that we were looking at a procedure at the Surgery Center. BUT THEN....Dr. C looked in Harrison's throat, and said (I kid you not!), "Oh my!" Isn't that what every mother wants to hear when the doctor is examing your child?!? Apparently Harrison's tonsils are extremely swollen and need to come out immediately. So we have surgery scheduled for December 2. Please pray that my sweet little boy doesn't have the same reaction as his sister! She was miserable for 5 days and wouldn't eat anything after her tonsillectomy. That warranted a trip to the ER on Christmas Day for an IV and a steroid shot! We will be fine, I know, but I'm just a wee bit worried!
I do have a funny to share. :) Randy and I were talking about going to the Surgery Center vs. the hospital, and Harrison heard us. Harrison asks, "I'm just getting my tonsils taken out. I'm not having surgery, am I?"
Oh sweet boy, you just don't know!!

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