Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm A Little Indian

On Thursday, Harrison had his Thanksgiving Feast at school. Invitations were handwritten and decorated by the children and brought home inviting the parents to the program. We then got to stay and eat lunch with the class. Harrison was so excited because he had both his Mommy and Daddy there! Here is my little Indian:

Isn't he the cutest Indian?!?
His Indian name is Soaring Eagle. What a surprise to find that out!
Here they are singing "I'm a Little Indian on the go; Here is my arrow, here is my bow"
That's Casey on the left and Lily on the right of Harrison.

All the kids singing "I Am Thankful"

Me and my little Indian after the program

A proud Mommy and Daddy

Two Buddies: Harrison and Casey

Harrison was sooooo excited that his Daddy was getting to eat lunch with him!! Even though they served "Thanksgiving food" (turkey and dressing) in the lunchroom, Harrison insisted I fix his regular peanut butter sandwich and chips.

Mommy, Daddy, and Harrison

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