Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Tree Lighting

Friday night, Randy, Harrison, and I went to the annual Lighting of the Christmas Tree at Bridge Street Town Centre. Bridge Street is a fabulous outdoor mall here in Huntsville. We love to go there and walk around. Our favorite restaurant, PF Chang, is even there along with our favorite movie theater, the Monaco. So, naturally, we went there for the first Christmas Tree lighting we have seen this year. And it was a huge one! Even though there were TONS of people there, we got a great spot to watch.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Me and my little man after the tree is lit

Sweet family!

It even snowed while we there!! Just kidding--it was fake snow. Harrison got a big kick out of it, though! He couldn't wait to tell Caitlin about it after she got home from her friend, Shelby's house. She picked going to the mall with a friend instead of her family--boo-hoo :(

And we got our first Santa sighting of the year also!!

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