Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

It is the day after Thanksgiving, and we are still FULL!!!! We ate and ate and ate some more. But it is so hard not to eat that delicious food that we only get once a year!
We got up early Thursday morning and travelled to Helena to my cousin, Olivia's, house. We moved our Thanksgiving meal to her house a few years ago from Lake Martin so that we could do all our travelling in one day. It was so nice to spend time with my Dad's family--that is who I have been celebrating Thanksgiving with since I was born. While waiting for the turkey feast, we had time to play.
Some of us had fun in the old treehouse that once belonged to Olivia's daughter, Laci. She is now in Grad School at Auburn. Guess that means it is old!

Then the Grandkids opened their Christmas presents from Olivia.

$$$$ Money, money, money $$$$

Then we still had time to pose for some pictures. Here is Stephanie, Laci, Daniel, Harrison, and Caitlin.
My Dad and his sister, Bobbie
Finally it was time to sit down to eat! Too bad we were enjoying the feast so much because I didn't take a single picture of us eating!!! Just know that it was delicious.

After eating, we headed outside to play in the beautiful fall weather. Daniel and Harrison had fun playing football and tackling each other!

Stephanie and Caitlin were the cheerleaders. They just had fun being together! In fact, Caitlin ended up riding home with my sister, Dana, and brother-in-law, Scott, to spend the night with them.

My sweet parents posing for a picture

Nothing like the love between a Daddy and his daughter
And here is the group picture of all of us....
Back row: Dana, Daniel, Randy, Me, Olivia, Aunt Bobbie, my Daddy
Front row: Scott, Harrison, Stephanie, my Mom, Caitlin, and Laci
We were sad that Aunt Bobbie's husband, Uncle Joe, was not here with us this year. But it made it easier when we thought about him being at the Ultimate Feast with Jesus! I am so thankful for all of my family, and I love that we take time to be together!

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