Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter!

Harrison was invited to his friend, Carter's birthday party today. When we got the invitation in the mail almost a month ago, he got so excited! We hung the invitation on the refrigerator, and everyday Harrison has asked how many more days until Carter's party. And all I heard this morning before the party was, "How much more time till the party?" He was just a little bit excited! The party was held at KidVenture in South Huntsville. I had heard of it through some other friends, but we had never been there. It is a GREAT place to have a little kid's party! And because the playthings are just their size, the parents don't have to watch every second to make sure no one gets hurt. So I got a chance to chat with some friends I don't see that often!

The airplane was fun!

Round and round we go.... Harrison is with Joshua and Bryce who go to church with us.

"Ahoy Matey!"

All of these kids go to church with us, and their parents are all in mine and Randy's Sunday School class. There's Joshua, Dylan, Harrison, Calli, and Birthday Boy Carter is in the back.

These are all the kiddos who came to the party. We made them "walk the plank" for a picture.

Harrison and his friend, Noah, wait for cake and ice cream.

Happy Birthday Carter! We had a lot of fun today at your party. Thanks for inviting us!

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