Thursday, July 9, 2009

Missions Week Thursday: "The Best Day Ever!"

In Harrison's words, "This was the best day ever!" Today our Mission focus was Jerusalem or Our Hometown. Officer Mike of the Madison Police Department came and spoke to the children about the armor of God and showed them the police armor he wears. Afterwards, we decided to pay a visit to our local heroic firefighters.

First we made them a Thank You poster to hang up in the fire station. Here are a few children in our group: Shelby, Harrison, Carter, Will, and Jack, with our group's cute poster.

Firefighter David dressed out in all his gear to show the children what one would look like if they came to rescue you.

The firefighters gave each child a red fire hat before letting them walk through a "real-life fire truck!" And then came the best part.....

WASHING THE TRUCK!!!!!!!!! The firefighters filled each child's bucket with soap and water, and the children got busy cleaning that dirty fire truck.

Most of the Missions 'n Me group that has been doing activities all week long. Stay tuned for our really fun day tomorrow!!

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