Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Missions Week Wednesday

On this day of Missions 'n Me, our focus was on Judea or Our Country. Mr. John, the Missions Director for Asbury, came to speak to the children about one of our partners in the local mission field: the Downtown Rescue Mission. He explained that they help out families who have lost their homes for whatever reason. Afterwards the children decorated backpacks with markers and then filled them with toiletry items that they had purchased earlier in the week. These are to give to the children that arrive at the Rescue Mission with barely anything but the clothes on their back. Harrison and I had a great time picking out our items. He made sure to get a giraffe toothbrush for a boy. (That was his main request.) The older children will be delivering the backpacks to the Rescue Mission for us tomorrow.

Sami was really concentrating on her drawing. She and her mom purchased baby items for her backpack. There are children of all ages who arrive there, so all kinds of toiletry items were needed.

Bryce and his mom, Courtney, finished up decorating their backpack and were starting to fill it.

Here is Harrison with his beautiful backpack. He drew a rainbow, 2 suns, and a large bug underneath the rainbow. He was very proud of his handiwork!

This is Harrison's Group with their filled toiletry backpacks.
1st Row: Sami, Shelby, Bryce, Calli, Jack
2nd Row: Luke, Will, Harrison, Carter, Kate

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